Top Pests You Need To Be Afraid Of When It Comes To Crops

You know the importance of knowing your pests (enemies) if you are in the agro-business. Sometimes, the damage done by the pests are beyond repair and can cost your millions. To save your money and hard work, you must take every action to prevent any kind of crop damage.

As an agro farmer, your defintion of pests would slightly vary from that of a house owner. Sure, there are a few similarities.

You don’t want ants. You don’t want cockroaches.

However, deending on the type of crop you are growing, you may want bees.  You would love hoverflies. And you would love dragonflies and ground beetles as well.

Knowing what’s harmful for you, and what’s not can help you come up with a better plan when it comes to using bio-pesticides or having the right crop protection dkbcrop can help..

The Top Pests You Need to Be Way Of For Crop Protection

Here is a list of the top pests that are responsible for damaging crops and can cost you more than you imagine if you don’t take care of them from the very beginning. But yes, it is essential to know your enemy before you plan a strategy against them. So, this list will help you plan a perfect strategy for a healthy crop cycle.

Do note thought f you want to develop a complete strategy against pest control, you need the help of experts like who offer the best crop protection solutions for you. .


Cutworms are a real danger to your crops because they feed on young stems of the plants at night and eat them down till the ground level. You can prevent the damage done by these cutworms by placing some collars made out of cardboard, paper or aluminum foil around the seedlings.

Sink these collars almost an inch into the soil around the plants and almost 3-4 inches above the ground to prevent the high-climbers. Bio-pesticides can help but you do need to know which product is right for you.

Flea Beetles

Flea beetles are one of the most devastating pests if they happen to attack your crops. They are known to attack the crops from both ends. While the adult feed on the foliage that leaves small holes, the larvae feed on the roots.

They can destroy crops ranging from corn, eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers. You must use the preventive measures like clearing the debris regularly, placing sticky yellow traps, etc.


Hornworms or destructive caterpillars are almost 3 inches long, so it is sometimes easy to just hand-pick them, but their color helps them camouflage easily. Moreover, if they are large in number, then you can use biopesticides to control them. Hence, you get a long-term solution to this problem.

Don’t Leave it to Chance!

You know that you need to get rid of pests to ensure proper crop protection. Why not try out the experts then?

Knowing what these top pests can do is just the first step.  You need to be able to implement proper crop protection against pests.